Friday, February 20, 2009


Lately g lagi seneng main2 ama namanya kuteks or nail polish :)
I know, Telatttt bgt ye cong (Maaap g inih termasuk kategori late blooming hahahaha *bangga amat*)

Anyway, Akyu lagih suka ama brand REVLON.
Nope g bukan mau promisi nih brand ye!
Kebetulan aje g lagih demen bgt ma warna2nya abis cantik2 sih bok *mana tahan*

Nih linknya klo mau liat swatch warna yo, See for yourself aight!

Terus harganya juga nyaman didompet.
Cuman $3.88 + tax state masing2 (itung sendiri deh)
G beli 8 kuteks kena roughly $33, Mayan bgt deh apalagi lagih krismon ginih :P

Warna2 yg udin g beli, coba en bagus, Poto dari kiri ke kanan:

*Fuschia Fever
*Chocolate Truffle
*Midnight Affair
*Frankly Scarlett
*Silver Screen
*Black Lingerie
*Red Hot Tamales

Missing "Plum Attraction" soalnye jatoh terus pecah monyong hiks, Kudu beli lagih!

Btw, Ini penampakan kuteks yg udin g pake en sempet g poto:

Poto dari atas ke bawah namanya si "Frankly Scarlet" en "Fuschia Fever"

Warna si Frankly Scarlett cakep deh.
Ini rada merah burem coz dipoto pas malem en pake flash.
Tapi klo dipoto siang bolong pas ada matahari,
Iihhh cantik sumpeh!
Klo g bilang sih warnanya kya winter candy apple, Love it!

Terus si Fuschia Fever juga cantik bok, Ngga terlalu ngedangdut bgt deh warnanya dan tentunya tidak kya tanteh2 hahaha lol *maksa bgt deh*

So my pro & kontra with this kuteks (Especially REVLON brand) so far:
*Pro: Beautiful colors, Sumpeh cong!
*Kontra: Lama bgt keringnya, Aihhh takes bout hours but worthed for me.

There u have it. Now i'm officially benconggggggg kuteks ahakahakak :P
And i will not stop. Teteup akan hunting another color belon puas mak!
Next visit to walmart: RED RAVEN en PLUM ATTRACTION

Have a nice weekend everyone!

*Pictures courtesy of Mysexykitchen


Please don't tease me barneys arrghhhh!
Why? Because every time i went to your site and click the sale pages (Especially shoes & bags) they're always SOLD OUT but the pics still there, What???

Just take out the picture if its sold out then.
What a tease! I'm effin frustrated hahaha no I'm serious!

I wish they still had these two cute shoes of Louboutin (ofkorse on SALE) in the future.
I'm going to watch u like a mad woman.
Sounds crazy? Yep that's right because i will do crazy things for shoes hahaha...

I can't get enough of shoes, I love them so much :)

*Pics courtesy of